Sun, 12 July


The Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES), an international and inter-government organization with mandate for capacity building of Member States and Collaborating Countries in end-to-end warning, convened its Second Ministerial Conference in New Delhi, India on 10 July 2015. RIMES, established on 30 April 2009, is comprised of heads of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) of 32 Member States and Collaborating Countries.


The Government of Maldives, one of RIMES founding Members, has been serving as RIMES Secretariat since its inception in 2009. Mr. Abdullahi Majeed, Minister of State for Environment and Energy of the Republic of Maldives, is the Executive Head of RIMES Secretariat; Mr. Ali Shareef, Deputy Director General of Maldives Meteorological Services is the Focal Point for RIMES Secretariat.


The RIMES Ministerial Conference, convened by the Government of India as Chair, adopted the RIMES Master Plan 2016-2020, which was drafted and endorsed by the RIMES Council in a meeting convened on 9 July 2015, also in Delhi. In the RIMES Master Plan 2016-2020, priority work for Maldives includes further enhancement of the end-to-end early warning system in the country.


RIMES has been working with MMS for enhancing the end-to-end early warning in the country, for the promotion of preparedness against natural hazards. Among RIMES work in the countries includes technical assistance for earthquake monitoring and tsunami early warning, generation of forecasts/warnings/risk information of various timescales, and in capacity building of users in utilizing the said forecast/warning/risk products into planning and decision-making. RIMES and MMS has also partnered with the National Disaster Management Center (NDMC) in strengthening local early warning system in Fuvahmulah Atoll though support in development of the Atoll Disaster Management Plan and provision of Atoll Emergency Operations Center equipment.


Mr. Abdullahi Majeed, during the Ministerial Conference, has underscored the value of the completion of the RIMES Master Plan in guiding RIMES priority programs, which will be beneficial for the region, including Maldives.


The RIMES Ministerial Conference was also graced by Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Ministry of Science and Technology, Dr. Shri Anand Singh Khati, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Dr. Shailesh Nayak, Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Dr. K.J. Ramesh, Advisor, Ministry of Earth Sciences, all of the Government of India; and Mr. Shun-ichi Murata, Deputy Executive Secretary, of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.